Virtual, online communication coaching

If you're seeking online leadership presence, speech, or executive coaching to deal with the current health and economic crisis, we'll deliver communication coaching that is as unique as your situation. Virtual coaching is available through Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTIme, Skype, or by phone. Want to utilize another platform? Let us know!

Founder and CEO Catherine Glynn

What's In A Name?

Voce Veritas  (vō-chē ve·​ri·​tas) means "True Voice" in Latin. While the company name may be a mouthful, it has significant meaning for founder Catherine Glynn.  

 The words "Ye Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Make Ye Free" emblazoned upon the portal of one of her alma maters, UT Austin, now serve as a mantra for her and her company. Her pursuit of excellence in Communications and the Performing Arts is her passion. The Leadership Presence & Executive Coaching, she and her global colleagues, provide the best of stage presence with preeminent leadership training.

Online communication skills

Why Us?

For over fifteen years, we at Voce Veritas have been providing our clients with exceptional executive coaching and leadership training. We'll help transform your approach to communications and enhance your presence in whatever your field of expertise. 

We believe in individuation and cater to your specific needs and learning style. By listening carefully to your story, attending to your cultural needs, and style, as well as observing your physical habits, we create custom-designed packages and workshops. 

We specialize in online communication skills training. And we work with leaders from all walks of life at a variety of stages in their careers.