Executive Communication & Presence Coaching

What's In A Name?

 Voce Veritas  (vō-chē ve·​ri·​tas) means "True Voice" in Latin. While the company name may be a mouthful, it has  a profound meaning for founder Catherine Glynn. 

First as a student and then as faculty at UT Austin, Catherine passed the main building every day. The words "Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make Ye Free" emblazoned upon the portal there now serve as a mantra for her. 

Her pursuit of excellence in Communications and the Performing Arts are her passion. She, and her cadre of coaches, will pass that on to you with exceptional skill that combines the best of stage presence with preeminent leadership training.

Why Us?

 For ten years now, we at Voce Veritas have been providing our clients with exceptional service helping them transform their approach to communications.

We focus on discovering we believe in individuation and cater to your specific needs and learning style.  By listening carefully to your story, attending to your cultural needs and style, and observing your physical habits we create attainable action packages and workshops. 

So, whether you and your team work from the outside in or from the inside out, at Voce Veritas, we  provide insight and training for committed professionals who wish to practice what they preach. 

 We work with leaders from all walks of life, at a variety of stages in their career. That said, we are selective about our clientele, meaning, we want to make sure we are a good fit. The chemistry between coach and client is important. So we offer free half hour consultations to ensure that connection.

The results of our coaching are directly related to your level of discipline and desire to improve.

If you're seeking executive leadership presence and are ready to commit to communication coaching that is as unique as you are, contact us.

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